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April 2012



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Apr. 12th, 2012

newest project

Been very busy creating lots of patterns and designs for school, but I am about to start on this one for my final project since the Avengers will be out before we know it:

I've added a few other design details to it that aren't shown in the digital copy, but you'll see it when it's done!

Feb. 15th, 2012

new photooos

had a photo shoot with my friend a couple of weekends ago.  he needed models and i needed photos of my work. :)

^^ pay no attention to the cranberry petti peeking out under there...it's the only one i have that i've made for myself!!

^^ sleeve and waistline detail

^^ my blue gothic blouse

^^ classic outfit--blouse, hat, jsk, and bustle made by me

^^ a closer shot of the neckline area
i like how he made my skin look like i'm actually a doll in this last one. XD

Jan. 12th, 2012

i need a creative sewing outllet

i started my livejournal mainly as a sewing outlet for myself--i had clicked around on sew loli quite a bit and figured i should just make an account so i could join it!

i am a fashion student and take my work (as well as my craftsmanship) very seriously when i sew.  this is why i feel like i excel with lolita!  i always make sure that things come out at least 98% of the way i imagined them.

i will not be posting a lot on this really, just mainly to post on sew loli.  if you want to find my active blog, you can find me at littleredqueen.tumblr.com.  also check out my mini-shop "white rabbit couture" at jamyemarie.etsy.com. :)

xoxo jamye